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Janet Thomas

How Is It Possible for Hate and Love to Collide?

Let me be clear: I hated Yoga. I have attended a Yoga class about a half dozen times over the past 15 years, and I hated – absolutely HATED – each and … [More...]

Steve Bolia

Nothing – Everything – Nothing

I live in an area that is not quite the Mid-West, it’s certainly not the South, it’s far too west to be called the East and a little to south to be … [More...]

The Possibility Coaches

Giving Yourself Permission to Be Happy

Who decides whether or not we are happy? Who decides whether or not we feel at peace with ourselves? Who decides whether or not we see ourselves as … [More...]

Cheryl Hunter

What To Do When You’re Feeling Empty


Janet Thomas

Cello, How Are You?

I’m listening to a classical quartet on my iPod at the moment. I hear the beautiful and melodious cello solo. I played the cello for years… why didn’t … [More...]