Fresh Off The Press

My Friend Is Contemplating Having An Affair


Dear Regina, My friend is going through a tough time in her marriage and she is contemplating an affair. How do you listen to and stand by someone when you see them about to make a negative choice without crossing boundaries by offering advice you feel is in their best interest? Lauren, N. Dear Laur…Read more

The Hundredth Monkey, Fact Or Fiction?


Metaphors are a great way to teach an abstract concept. One popular metaphor is the story of “the hundredth monkey.” The story goes that in the 1950’s some Japanese scientists observed monkeys on one island learn to wash sweet potatoes before eating them. The behavior spread locally and, as the stor…Read more

How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To Others?


Dear Regina, I compare myself to others. For example, I often stay at home cleaning house on weekends and holidays, whereas our family and friends travel and do lots of fun activities. I usually wonder what's wrong with me when I compare in this way. Is there any way to curb this? Connie, L. Dear Co…Read more

Honoring Yourself


To honor yourself requires a life-long commitment. This commitment is to yourself, by the spirit that you are, to the soul that is the eternal You. If this seems ‘out there,’ it isn’t. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. You cannot become more spiritual because that is who you alr…Read more

Who Is It You Desire To Become?


Most of us have little problem answering the question “what do you want in life”? Some will say wealth, and some will say true love. Others will say health, a beautiful home, a nice car, or a successful career, or a family. All are perfectly good answers and there is no reason why they cannot be ach…Read more

You Deserve A Break – Bliss Break!

soaking up the sun at Eastern Market

We've multitasked our way right out of the present moment" says Thomas Crum, author of Three Deep Breaths. Where is the bliss in that? Reconnecting with our bliss is essential to creating peace in our lives and summer offers a great opportunity to live lightly! You don't need a 10 day vacation in th…Read more

My Kind Neighbor Seems To Be Pushing Her Beliefs


Dear Regina, I have a nice Christian neighbor who invites us to her home/church gatherings. Recently she shared a book with my child on the meaning of Easter. Because we aren't religious, and I grew up with different beliefs, I often feel she's being kind but also pushing her beliefs on us which res…Read more