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Fotolia_54489997_Subscription_Monthly_MDave Fresilli

Falling Forward Into Your Desired Health

When we analyze how humans walk, jog, and run, we can determine that these actions are a “controlled fall forward.” It is a scientific truth that in order to move forward, we must lean our weight to the front of our center of gravity. This causes our … [Read More...]

Fotolia_18170074_Subscription_Monthly_MShann VanderLeek

Face Your Fears

And Claim Your True Calling “Creating your life on your own terms is really about allowing for grace through your next transition.” I woke up in a dreadful fury. The red light on the alarm clock glared at me: 5:30 a.m. A few more minutes of … [Read More...]

Fotolia_63703584_Subscription_Monthly_MTeri Williams

The Universe Was Late Today

Every week day morning I receive this really cool personalized email from The Universe – a.k.a. Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe ( Literally thousands of people around the world get the same email personalized for them, of course. The … [Read More...]

Fotolia_39581431_Subscription_Monthly_MPaul Boynton

Begin With Yes Workplace

LIFE CYCLES Age and youth – how do you make the best of both in a workplace? One of my former employees was a young man in his mid 20s. His view of the world, like many others of his generation, was electronically connected, comic book … [Read More...]

Fotolia_56696110_Subscription_Monthly_MJulie Krull

I Am Enough And I Am Whole

When I think of the fall, I think of harvest – reaping the yield of produce that was tended to all summer in crops and gardens. It’s a time of ripened abundance when we literally enjoy the fruits of our labor – a time when we experience growth, … [Read More...]

Stacey MKStacey Maxwell-Krockenberger

Falling Forward In Divine Timing

How many times have you Divinely been given a dream, a desire, or been shown a specific task to accomplish, but you didn’t even know where to begin? Or, you took a step towards a desired goal and achieving your vision and encountered countless … [Read More...]

Fotolia_69335641_Subscription_Monthly_MDawn Hafner

Visit The Airport Without A Ticket

Are you worried you could be a workaholic? A junkie for the rush of what accomplishment feels like? Just trying to get that one next raise or promotion to put you ahead? Or maybe just holding on for dear life at keeping the job you have when so many … [Read More...]