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Forgiveness Through Ho’oponopono

Bees Ho Oponopono JAW Dropping Photography

Ready to forgive? Forgiveness frees us to live in the present with greater ease and joy. Yet saying I’m sorry and asking for forgiveness can be two of the hardest things we will ever do. Equally as difficult can be forgiving others. As a shamanic practitioner, one practice I have found to be very ef…Read more

5 Tips To Come To Grips When You Get Triggered & Angry


Have you ever known a person who seems to be angry or full of venom all of the time? This sort of ever-present dark energy can be really draining. I refer to these infuriated folks as energy vampires. Sad to say, there are countless people in the world who are angry for all of the unpleasant inciden…Read more

I’m Surrounded By Rude People


Dear Regina, I am surrounded by rude people and it seems to be getting worse. What in the world is wrong with people that they do not have common courtesy for others? What can I do to change these folks? Betty, R. Dear Betty, I hear you. I also run into the thoughtless and negative behavior of other…Read more

What Matters to You?


Sometimes I tell myself it doesn’t matter, when really it does. I developed this attitude when I was very young. I am unsure why. I remember my father mocking me with "Leslie, the Doesn't Matter Kid”. In those days, I thought I didn’t have the right to choose what matters to me. I felt a subtle pres…Read more

It Takes Action To Create Your Health & Dream Body


Action will certainly be required to achieve any goal you have created for yourself in your health and fitness. Taking action is something we want to get excited about. It is through taking action that we can achieve the health and dream body we have always desired. Taking action is something many p…Read more

I’m Gay And Where I Live People Hate Me


Dear Regina, I am gay and live in a place where gay people are hated. I am surrounded by people who say they are “religious” but there is no way I can be myself in an environment of such prejudice and hate. Why do people hate, especially those who say they are spiritual? Alex, W.  Dear Alex, Followi…Read more

How to Turn Obstacles Into Fuel For Your Dreams


All of us have faced obstacles and challenges in our lives; times when we were thrown a curveball or had to take a detour. Think back on your experiences. I bet you can think of a few. How did you handle it? Did it make you more determined to succeed or did it take the wind out of your sails? Did it…Read more