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Fotolia_54804996_Subscription_XXLCheryl Maloney

When You Don’t Have A Choice

There are times in life when you don't have a choice.  My husband died.  I don't have a choice but to live without him.  Perhaps you find yourself … [More...]

Fotolia_7743548_Subscription_LTony Edgell

How to Be Free from Judgment in Your Life

What if there were no labels? Ever ponder how light it might feel without: good/bad, right/wrong, liberals/conservatives,  gay/straight, fat/skinny, … [More...]

Fotolia_55720215_Subscription_Monthly_MThe Possibility Coaches

5 Relationship Resolutions

Isn’t it easy to complain about your spouse or partner? It’s amazing how a fault-finding mission can justify anything you feel, say or do. After all, … [More...]

Regina BannerRegina Cates

It Starts With You

Treating others as you want to be treated does not mean waiting for them to go first. - Regina Cates One day I heard a woman screaming at someone … [More...]

Regina BannerRegina Cates

Money Does Not Make You Rich, Character Does

I was standing at an intersection waiting to cross and noticed a young homeless man pushing a shopping basket filled with his belongings. He had a … [More...]