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How Can I Stop Worrying About My Daughter?

Dear Regina, My daughter has gone off to college in another state. She has been my little girl for nineteen years. I have always been there to protect her. She is a good person, kind and loving. I am worried that she will fall into the wrong crowd … [Read More...]

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Fall 2014 Articles

stk126385rkePaul Boynton

Begin With Yes in the Workplace

Falling Forward Succession planning – what does it entail, and more importantly, how can I encourage employees to take on increasing responsibility? The best way to encourage growth is to set an … [Read More...]

Fotolia_54489997_Subscription_Monthly_MDave Fresilli

Falling Forward Into Your Desired Health

When we analyze how humans walk, jog, and run, we can determine that these actions are a “controlled fall forward.” It is a scientific truth that in order to move forward, we must lean our weight to … [Read More...]

Fotolia_39581431_Subscription_Monthly_MPaul Boynton

Begin With Yes Workplace

LIFE CYCLES Age and youth – how do you make the best of both in a workplace? One of my former employees was a young man in his mid 20s. His view of the world, like many others of his generation, … [Read More...]


From Our Four Legged Friends

The Five Things That Matter Most at the End of Life I learn so much from animals in the course of my work. One of the surprising trends is their thoughts related to the end of this life cycle. Here … [Read More...]

Stacey MKStacey Maxwell-Krockenberger

Falling Forward In Divine Timing

How many times have you Divinely been given a dream, a desire, or been shown a specific task to accomplish, but you didn’t even know where to begin? Or, you took a step towards a desired goal and … [Read More...]

Fotolia_49434368_Subscription_Monthly_MRobbie Adkins

The Life Cycle Of A Baby Boomer

I was born in the Fall of 1946, which makes me one of the first souls to incarnate after World War II. Every generation has a unique place in history, but I believe there has never been a single … [Read More...]

janetthomasJanet Thomas

Are We There Yet?

I listen to daily updates from my friend who writes plays. She is waiting for producers to get back to her regarding possible interest in one of her projects. She had hoped to hear from them last … [Read More...]

Pleasure-CycleBetty Louise

Create A Life Cycle of Pleasure

My life path has taken me in a direction I never intended to go, consciously. I was a late bloomer, and it took me well into my 20s to determine what I wanted to do for a career. My conscious life … [Read More...]

Fotolia_69511191_Subscription_Monthly_MCindy Hively

Thriving Through Nature’s Timing

"There are times to cultivate and create, when you nurture your world and give birth to new ideas and ventures. There are times of flourishing and abundance, when life feels in full bloom, energized … [Read More...]

Fotolia_18170074_Subscription_Monthly_MShann VanderLeek

Face Your Fears

And Claim Your True Calling “Creating your life on your own terms is really about allowing for grace through your next transition.” I woke up in a dreadful fury. The red light on the alarm clock … [Read More...]

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