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Getting Your Beauty Sleep


We always joke about needing our beauty sleep. However, in our fast paced society where no one wants to miss out on anything, sleep is really underrated. In our attempt to squeeze life into every minute of our day, sleep takes a back seat. Many people actually pride themselves on needing little slee…Read more

How To De-clutter Once & For All


Dear Regina, My family has compulsively shopped a lot over the years. Now, many decades later we are in a period of de-cluttering our homes. While this is a healthy step, I sense it's become a big part of how we all spend our free time and energy. How do you de-clutter once and for all so the cleani…Read more

You Must Practice Before It Will Integrate


Just last night I was sitting at my desk finishing up a podcast, and I was speaking about how “you must practice before it will integrate.” I was trying to help clients understand that lasting results only come with dedicated practice. With dedicated practice, the mind and body will integrate any ac…Read more

You Can Get A Lot Done In An Hour

writers block

(It took less than that to write this post.) Believe it or not there are times in my life when I can be quite the procrastinator. I bet most of you reading this have had your moments. The past few months I have been struggling with writer's block. I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful weather, the luna…Read more

My Friend Is Contemplating Having An Affair


Dear Regina, My friend is going through a tough time in her marriage and she is contemplating an affair. How do you listen to and stand by someone when you see them about to make a negative choice without crossing boundaries by offering advice you feel is in their best interest? Lauren, N. Dear Laur…Read more

The Hundredth Monkey, Fact Or Fiction?


Metaphors are a great way to teach an abstract concept. One popular metaphor is the story of “the hundredth monkey.” The story goes that in the 1950’s some Japanese scientists observed monkeys on one island learn to wash sweet potatoes before eating them. The behavior spread locally and, as the stor…Read more

How Do I Stop Comparing Myself To Others?


Dear Regina, I compare myself to others. For example, I often stay at home cleaning house on weekends and holidays, whereas our family and friends travel and do lots of fun activities. I usually wonder what's wrong with me when I compare in this way. Is there any way to curb this? Connie, L. Dear Co…Read more