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Are You Living Your Dream?

It’s Never Too Soon to Plant the Seeds of Happiness Living your dream is a choice. How we live our life is a gift we can give ourselves. No one can really do this for us. No one can choose for us. I … [Read More...]


The Gift Of Choice

What Do You Choose to See? We are free to choose in our lives. That is a right we have as human beings. As adults, I think we forget that sometimes. Every thought, feeling and action is a choice. … [Read More...]


The Healing Power of Gratitude

 Leverage the Benefits of Appreciation Feeling gratitude is a choice we make. Research shows that simply focusing each day on three to five things for which we are grateful will enhance our health … [Read More...]


What Thoughts Do You Choose?

Are You Attracting Abundance or Pushing It Away? Do you think abundantly? Abundance can be many things. We can imagine having abundant health, wealth, relationships and general happiness. However, … [Read More...]

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